2019-2020 Annual Report of the Trustees

The trustees met in four regular sessions this past year, one being through electronic means.
Although the investment market has been down for the first part of this year, the Grand Lodge investments remained strong due to the diversity of our investments and the fact that we have a long term investment strategy. Our returns for 2019 were very positive and realized gains on investments are helping keep our position viable for the upcoming year. The major focus this past year has been.
Lodge closings and consolidations. One Lodge, Sisseton, was closed with the property and records being secured. There were two consolidations this past year. Lead with Deadwood, effective the first of the year and Ree Valley with Blunt. A possible consolidation for the coming year would be Platte and Armour.
Trustees also discussed moving 4 percent of the fiscal year ending balance of the Grand Lodge Charities investments to the SD Masonic Charities Foundation. This was done last year to increase the SD Masonic Charities viability as a charitable foundation, thus making it more attractive to receive donations. This measure was not passed for continuance from the previous year. No transfers will be made to the SD Masonic Charities for the ensuing year.
Charity recipients, currently seven, were reviewed and increases approved to the monthly payments for five of the seven. This was accomplished to help lessen the impact of cost of living increases and better serve or brothers, widows, and orphans.
For the year 2019 -2020, the financial position of the Grand Lodge remains stable with investment expectations to continue growth.
A new slate of officers was elected at our last meeting with the effective date of implementation June 20th, 2020.
Chairman — WB Doug Papendick
Vice Chairman — WB Robert Tesch
Trustee Secretary — WB Larry Madsen
Respectfully submitted,  
Steve Barns  
Chairman, Grand Lodge Trustees