Nominated for Grand Trustee:

Wade Kopren

Brethren, thank you for the honor of running for Grand Trustee. My name is Wade Kopren, Pasque Lodge #214 and Faith Lodge #168. I have had the honor of serving as Master of the Lodge two times and was District Master for three Grand Masters. I am also a member of NAJA Shrine serving as Outer Guard. I own a farm/ranch operation in Perkins County and have a retail/wholesale sock company that we make from our own homegrown wool. I believe that I would make a good Trustee because of my love of Masonry and my time serving on other financial boards. I am past President of the South Dakota Sheep Growers Association and served on the American Sheep Industries, Wool Council for 8 years. The Wool Council handle the Wool Trust Budget of over two million dollars per year. During my time as President of the SDSGA we increased the general fund over sixty thousand dollars and was able to hire an executive secretary. Again, thank you for the opportunity for running for Grand Trustee. I do believe we should look to our EA obligation and remember to give as liberally as we can without causing material injury to our self.
Fraternally yours,  
Wade Kopren  

Nominated for Grand Trustee:

Douglas N. Papendick

Worshipful Brother Doug Papendick was born in 1956. He grew up in Hanson County, South Dakota, and graduated from Hanson High School in 1974. He attended the University of South Dakota and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree (Criminal Justice). He was a Police Officer in Iowa for the next three years. He attended the University of South Dakota School of Law and graduated in 1984. He was employed as Davison County Deputy State’s Attorney in Mitchell for two years and was the Davison County State’s Attorney for the next ten years. He has since been in private practice with Stiles, Papendick and Kiner in Mitchell since 1997. During that time, he has served for two years as a Tribal Judge on the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation and for nine years as Assistant City Attorney for Mitchell. He was with his wife, Dorothy, for 25 years. She passed away in March 2020. He has one daughter, Katie, and three step-children, Shelley Huber, Jen Gilardi and Chuck Hildebrand.
Doug has belonged to the Mitchell Lions Club since 1984. He is a Past President and served on their Board of Directors for several years. He was presented with the 100 percent Presidents Award for the Mitchell Lions Club in 1994. He was on the Board of Directors of East River Legal Services for 20 years and had served as Chairman. He had belonged to the Mitchell Exchange Club for 12 years and was a Board member. He was on the Board of Directors for the Palace City Federal Credit Union for 6 years and had served as Chairman.
Worshipful Brother Doug was raised a Master Mason on May 21, 1985, and is a Life Member of Resurgam Lodge #31 in Mitchell. He was Master of the Lodge from 1989 to 1990. He was awarded Outstanding Lodge Education Officer of the Year at Grand Lodge in 2000. Resurgam Lodge #31 awarded him as Mr. Mason in 2010. He has been Secretary for the Mitchell Masonic Building Association since 1987. He became a member of the Mitchell York Rite in 1985 and is a Knight of the St. Simon Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine and a Knight of York of the Pasque du Prairie York Rite College #182. He became a member of the Yankton Valley of the Scottish Rite in 1986 and has served as President of the Sigmund F. Schirmer Scottish Rite Club in Mitchell. He became a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason in October 2017. He has belonged to the El Riad Shrine Temple since 1986 and is a Past President of the Corn Palace Shrine Club and a Past President (Rabban of the Clan) of the Corn Palace Hillbilly Shrine Unit. He is a Life Member and was Master of the South Dakota Lodge of Masonic Research from 2016 to 2017. He has belonged to Starlight Chapter #41 of the Order of Eastern Star in Mitchell since 2008 and is a Past Worthy Patron. He affiliated with Celestial Lodge #37 in Alexandria, South Dakota, in 2017 and currently serves as Master of the Lodge.
He has proudly belonged to the Masonic Veterans’ Association of South Dakota since June 2005 and the South Dakota Order of High Rollers since December 2014.
Doug has served almost continuously in Grand Lodge positions since approximately 2002 in one capacity or another. He was District Master for the Grand Lodge of South Dakota from around 2002 to 2005. He served as Grand Senior Deacon from 2005-2006 under Grand Master Larry L. Anderson. He was Chairman of the Board of Custodians from 2007 to 2013. He has been a Grand Trustee of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota since 2018 and currently serves as Chairman. He has been on the Board of the South Dakota Masonic Charities since 2018 and is their current Secretary.
Worshipful Brother Doug was nominated by his Brothers of Resurgam Lodge #31 (Mitchell), Celestial Lodge #37 (Alexandria), and St. John’s Lodge #1 (Yankton).

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