When I was asked to be the District Master of 17 and agreed to it, I was scared thinking what did I agree to? After I started doing the job as District Master it was the best thing I ever did as a Mason. I have learned a lot and meet a lot of nice guys from Lodges in my district and from all over the country.
Since I have been installed as District Master, I have been to all my lodges in District 17 at least once and some of them twice. The Lodges in this district are very active by doing a lot of degree work. Cedar Branch Lodge, Cedar Lodge, and Spearfish Lodge hosted an open air lodge. Spearfish Lodge hosted a Table Lodge with present and past Grand Line Officers from North Dakota, Montana, and South Dakota and Past Masters from local Lodges.
My District Master meeting did not go as planned. It ended up being a Zoom meeting with Masons from all the Lodges from the district. I would like again to say thank you to all the speakers that night. I have presented four 50-Year Pins, mailed three 50-Year Pins at the requests of the Brothers, and one 60-Year Pin was also mailed.
Cedar Lodge #124 sold its Lodge building, but it is STILL an active Lodge, meeting on the regular Lodge night at the Moose Lodge Building in Belle Fourche.
At the end of February I was asked to also take over as District Master of 14 until Grand Lodge, along with my duties with District 17. I have started to visit the Lodges in District 14 and hoping to visit them all before Grand Lodge in June. They are active district by doing degree work. I have a 50-Year Pin to present. I have mailed out a 60-Year Pin to the Lodge in Eagle Butte, since they have not been able to meet since the COVID-19 pandemic. I am still planning on trying to visit all the Lodges in District 14 and District 17 before Grand Lodge.
I would like to conclude by saying that I am so proud of all the Masons of these two districts with everything that is going on with the COVID-19 situation that they are still doing degree work and conducting business. They are still active in their communities.
Respectfully submitted,  
WB Brian Teller  
District Master of Districts 14 and 17  
Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of South Dakota