Due to Covid restrictions we did not have a District meeting last fall. Most of the lodges in the area have just recently opened up in the last two months.
Not sure about Ree Heights Lodge.
Tulare Lodge had talked about merging with Redfield Lodge, but may now try to be a square and compass club. Redfield Lodge is meeting again, but I haven’t had much contact with them.
I have given a 70-Year Pin last fall and recently a 60-Year Pin in Wessington Springs.
Huron Lodge and Wessington Lodge both have been open for the most part with restrictions set out by the Grand Master. Wessington Lodge has taken in four new candidates this year.
We did have some brothers pass away due to Covid 19, and many more had it in our District. Hopefully we can return to more normalcy.
I did attend one meeting in Pierre in person and did another one by Zoom.
There has also been interest in individuals taking in Grand Lodge. The location could have some influence.
Respectfully submitted,  
Douglas Bjorke  
District Master of District 9  
Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of South Dakota