I managed to make it to a lot of degree work from Unity 130. I visited a couple of lodges (the ones that were open). I enjoyed the Daughters of the Nile installation of officers in Sious Falls. I joined in on MANY Zoom meetings (seems like those were never ending).
If that didn’t bore you enough, I was thinking of just placing only one word on this whole page: “COVID.” The whole year has been messed up because of that one simple word. We were unable to visit out-of-state lodges, the Conference of Grand Masters, and the Midwest Conference. They were on Zoom, so we still had some fellowship from other jurisdictions.
It is now time for me to jump onto my soap box. MEMBERSHIP, MEMBERSHIP, MEMBERSHIP!!! I cannot stress enough about this simple word “MEMBERSHIP.” I agree it may not be a simple word like that terrible one above however it is a very important one! We need members, and that is going to take all of us. Ask yourself: Why did I join this great fraternity? Why did I join the Shrine? Why did I join York/Scottish Rite? Why did you? Once you figure out why you did, you will be better able to explain to a potential member why they should join.
I think the biggest problem we have going on in this great fraternity is communication. OLP is the best way for you to know what is going on, any day of the week. It can be used on your smartphone as an app or you can look it up on your computer. If you are not using OLP PLEASE consider it. You will be happy you did. Another source of communication is email. If you have an email address. PLEASE give it to your Lodge Secretary so it can be put into our database on Mori. That way you get the latest news and updates. Currently we are WAY behind on the percentage of members that have an email in Mori.
This year has been filled with some different adventures by far. Here’s to a better/different year to come.
It has been truly an honor to serve as your Senior Grand Warden for this last year I certainly wouldn’t change that for anything.
Respectfully submitted,  
Dan Nace  
Senior Grand Warden  
Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of South Dakota