South Dakota Rainbow for Girls

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is the only youth club that teaches what matters most — leadership, confidence, and citizenship.

Every day, across the globe, hundreds of thousands of girls come together to laugh, share, and grow through fun events and challenging workshops designed to empower girls of all ages. Rainbow Girls volunteer for their community and travel around the world, visiting other clubs and making lots of new friends. Along the way, they gather invaluable life skills that help them become the best daughter, sister, student, and friend they can be. There is a local chapter in Redfield, SD.


The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls was founded in 1922, by William Mark Sexson, a Christian minister and active member of the Masonic Lodge. The Rev. Sexson spent his life dedicated to both fraternal organizations, and his ministry. He saw the need for an organization for young women who were from a Masonic background. Today, membership is open to any girl regardless of Masonic affiliation. Rainbow helps prepare today’s young women to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Former Rainbow girls include Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner; astronaut Dorothy “Dottie” Metcalf-Lindenburger; actresses Lee Merriwether, Ruth Buzzi, and Dawn Wells; Bobbie Shunk Gaunt, first woman president and CEO of Ford Motor Co. of Canada; State Senator Carol Hudkins; and U.S. Senator Olympia J. Snowe, just to name a few.

What Is Rainbow?

Rainbow is a nonprofit organization that strives to give girls the tools, training, and encouragement to let their individual spirits shine bright. By providing members with a safe, fun, caring environment where responsible, older girls can interact and mentor younger girls through family involvement.

Rainbow Girls are busy!

By participating in fun events and activities, keeping up with new friends, and traveling to different cities and states, members experience the excitement of what a productive life has to offer.

Rainbow Girls love a challenge!

From volunteering for different charities, to working to improve their public speaking, to mastering the lessons of Rainbow, members tackle lots of challenging hurdles but ultimately walk away with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Rainbow Girls are ready for life!

Whether they dream of becoming a successful veterinarian, a talented musician, or a loving mother, Rainbow Girls learn that they can accomplish anything and that they can make a difference.