South Dakota Lodge of Masonic Research
The South Dakota Lodge of Masonic Research was constituted on November 8, 1952, in Mitchell. Membership is open to all Master Masons in good standing. Members meet twice a year, but research and communications is ongoing.
The Lodge of Masonic Research seeks to maintain historical records and to search documents to trace the evolution of Masonry from an operative craft to a speculative brotherhood. Grand Lodges in several states are augmented by Lodges of Masonic Research, which publish documents and share information with other Lodges.
The South Dakota Lodge of Masonic Research publishes three Bulletins annually. The Lodge has also published four volumes of compiled articles of historical papers.
Many papers published in Bulletins have created awareness of Masonry’s part in historical and turbulent times. It is interesting to note the papers published in Volume I — 1971; Volume 2 — 1987; Volume 3 — 1990; and Volume 4 — 2001 address notable South Dakotan Masons such as Arthur Mellette, first Governor of South Dakota; Harvey Dunn, noted artist and painter; Gutzum Borglum, sculptor; Merriwether Lewis, explorer; and Gen. William Beadle, politician and educator. Articles also include dissertations of the history and evolution of Masonry, Black Lodges, the Anti-Masonic movement, and the Grand Lodge Library.
We are indebted to dedicated Masons who have devoted hours to researching Freemasonry in the Dakotas.
Some events individuals and project that might warrant articles are: Scotty Philip and dedication of the Masonic cemeteries near Philip and Fort Pierre; Gov. George Mikkelson; the Ft. Sisseton Frontier Lodge; the Masonic Model Student Assistance program; and the South Dakota Child Identification program. Masons are making history yet today. We need to record this history for future generations. Have Black Lodges been chartered in South Dakota? What about the Masonic Veterans Association or the Sojourners?


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